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We offer our customers an extremely competitive, compact and low cost radiator solution customized to their requirements. Our innovative and experienced R&D department forms the basis of our customized product line.

Kortech’s custom built radiators are used in a vast range of applications including power generation, industrial, gas engines, diesel engines, compact industrial radiators, remote radiators.

We provide replacements for equivalent OE radiators of the world’s major diesel and gas engines such as caterpillar, cummins, Genbakhir, MAN and other diesel and power companies throughout the country.

With a long history in supplying heavy industrial radiators and coolers for applications from 100kW to 1MW.
Our diverse range of thermal solution products include air, oil and fuel coolers.

Kortech has previously been involved in the development and manufacturing of radiators for Tanks, APC’s and other defence vehicles in collaboration with both local and international defence firms.


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