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Copper Radiators and Coolers:

  • Single/multiple tube rows and passes. Wide variety of fins and tubes available. Lock seam and seam welded.
  • High efficiency Serpentine/Airway louvered fins.
  • Performance oriented, easy to maintain GOT/Flat fins.
  • In tank oil coolers.
  • Tested for optimal performance and workmanship.
  • In house facility for design, tooling, and production of deep drawn tanks.
  • Produced from world’s best materials.
  • Shockproof, sea-worthy and presentable with international standards of packaging.
  • Tested and warranted for performance and fitment.

Aluminum Radiators and Cores:

  • Tubes and fins available in multiple widths, and thicknesses from world’s best sources.
  • Light weight and high performance design.
    • Nocoloc brazing process using Seco Warwick USA furnaces
  • Made according to OE specifications and designs.
  • In house production:
    • Aluminum Brazed Radiators with Plastic tanks
    • Aluminum Radiator with Aluminum tanks
  • Tested and warranted for performance and fitment.
  • Plastic tanks made from primary raw materials and not re-cycled.
  • High quality EPDM gaskets.
Agricultural & Off road
Automobile vehicles
HEavy Duty truck

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